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  • The 19th edition of China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) will take place from 27-29 March 2022 at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center in Nanchang city.

As a world leading exhibition in in vitro diagnostic field, the 19th CACLP has attracted over 1,200 companies from all over the world to register for the upcoming 2022 edition by end of September. The 2022 exhibiting space has increased 50% to 120,000 m2 at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center to cover diversified companies from in vitro diagnostics, components & manufacture, raw materials, laboratory equipment and other IVD-related sectors.

The 2022 edition will focus on how brand companies help boost the development of IVD industry globally. New technology and innovative ideas will also take centre stage of the show to provide the highest-quality business platform for the whole industry. Furthermore, for 2022 edition, to provide a more flexible way of participation for international companies, remote exhibiting package is offered to allow companies to meet domestic business contacts without traveling long distance. CACLP will showcase the latest innovations from in vitro diagnostic industry via a range of product displays and talks.

In addition, several conferences and forums will run at the Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City from 26-28 March, including China IVD Industry Development Conference (CIIDC), China Experimental Medicine Conference (CEMC), Enlightening Lab Med - IVD Youth Entrepreneur Forum (ELMY), China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum (CIDEF) and China Key Raw Material & Parts Forum (CKRMPF).

The 9th edition of CIIDC is organised by National Association of Health Industry and Enterprises Management, China Association of In Vitro Diagnostics (CAIVD), Shanghai Academy of Experimental Medicine and VIEW journal owned by WILEY. The conference focused on the industrial development, the latest trend, capital operation and business management. Several elites and entrepreneurs in IVD industry discussed about artificial intelligence, business models, international opportunities and others on site.

Organised by National Association of Health Industry and Enterprises Management, Professional Community of Experimental Medicine (PCEM), Shanghai Academy of Experimental Medicine and VIEW journal owned by WILEY, the 7th edition of CEMC will invite academicians, experts and scholars to make reports on the developments of experiment medicine, biomedical engineering, creative medical management and other IVD-relevant topics.

Enlightening Lab Med–the 5th edition of ELMY, the 4th edition of CIDEF and the 2nd edition of CKRMPF will be opened on 25 March, 26 March and 27 March respectively. All above conferences will be complemented by academic seminars: Pathology, Blood Transfusion, Diagnostics, Supervision and over 100 business thematic activities.

Meanwhile, the online and live events have been designed to allow participants to use their time more effectively and efficiently through CACLP. The online platform will be available for a month after the event to allow visitors to continue in acquiring information and making connections within the in vitro diagnostic industry.

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CACLP is committed to building a large platform of production, learning, research, application, education, management and service, which integrates academic exchange, industry forum, sharing innovation and exhibition. CACLP has always followed the belief and tenet of CACLP to serve the IVD industry sincerely, promote the continuous progress of IVD industry, promote the communication and cooperation between IVD industry, improve the cooperation with international IVD industry, and establish equal communication and cooperation with laboratory medicine experts, experimental medicine experts and IVD entrepreneurs.

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