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A number of IVD companies are listed on the Top 500 China New Economy Enterprise in 2021

2022/7/26 17:24:53 Views:1810

A number of IVD companies are listed on the Top 500 China New Economy Enterprise in 2021


On July 23, 2022, the China Enterprise Evaluation Association released the "2021 China Top 500 New Economy Enterprises" list. China's Top 500 New Economy Enterprises is hosted by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association, supported by the China Economic and Social Data Research Center of Tsinghua University as academic support, and conducted by the China Index Academy as a research unit. Since 2020, the list of China's Top 500 New Economy Enterprises is announced to the society every year.


According to CAIVD statistics, a number of IVD companies are listed in the "Top 500 New Economy Enterprises in China". The companies are as follows:


Rank/Company Abbreviation/CACLP2022 Booth No.

10/Mindray Bio-Medical  A4-2001

49/Wantai Biological Pharmacy  A2-2909

50/Fosun Pharmaceutical  A4-0409

142/BGI Genomics  A2-2409 A2-2009

154/Nanomicro Technology  B4-2913

159/Lepu Medical  A2-0601

161/New Industries A4-0413

195/Autobio Diagnostics A4-1309

197/Sansure Biotech A4-2804

205/Livzon Pharmaceutical Group A1-0901

223/Haier Biotech  A7-3211

247/Wondfo BIOTECH  A4-0501

258/Daan Gene  A2-2004

282/Orient Gene Biotech  A2-0301

372/Maccura Biotechnology  A3-2801

415/Pumen Biotechnology  A2-2905

441/Dian Diagnostics Group  A3-1709

450/Weigao Holding  B2-1317

460/Sannuo Biotechnology  A2-2901

482/Hotgen Biotech  A4-2809


With the theme of "new subject of scientific and technological innovation", this evaluation will continue to adhere to the principle of objective, fair, accurate and comprehensive research based on quantitative data. This evaluation follows the "China New Economy Enterprise Evaluation Criteria" (T/CEEAS 001-2021), selects the market/valuation as the main sequence index for the evaluation of the top 500 new economy enterprises, and is driven by enterprise scale, profitability, growth rate, and innovation. 7 categories and 10 subdivision indicators of employment promotion, social impact, and internationalization level are used as revision indicators to revise the market/valuation, and finally produce the top 500 Chinese New Economy Enterprises. Taking into account the industry demonstration of the company, companies with financial fraud, major negative public opinion, delisting due to poor management and other reasons, listed in the ST category, continuous losses and no revenue growth, will be excluded from the list.


The IPO of 3D Medicines Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been accepted!

2022CACLP Booth No. A3-1219


According to the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the IPO application materials submitted by 3D Med for listing on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange have been accepted. It is reported that this is the third time that 3D Med has submitted a form on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Compared with the previous prospectus, 3D Med has updated the financial data and other information as of May 31, 2022. In the first five months of 2022, the revenue of 3D Med was 138 million yuan, which was "empty" in the same period in 2021; the net loss was 293 million yuan, compared with 804 million yuan in the same period in 2021; the adjusted net loss was 94.34 million yuan, in 2021 In the same period, it was 157 million yuan. In 2020 and 2021, the R&D investment of 3D Med is 264 million yuan and 371 million yuan respectively, and 138 million yuan in the first five months of 2022. In the same period, the income of 3D Med was zero, 60.260 million yuan and 161 million yuan respectively, and the net losses were 635 million yuan, 1.462 billion yuan and 293 million yuan respectively.