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After investing in IVD companies, ByteDance wholly acquired high-end women's and children's hospital Meizhong Yihe

2022/8/9 16:52:10 Views:196

Recently, ByteDance completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Meizhong Yihe, a high-end private women's and children's hospital. Qichacha information shows that on June 24, the new shareholder Xiaohe Health (Hong Kong) LIMITED (Xiaohe Health Hong Kong Co., Ltd.) of the United States and China Yihe, and its shareholding ratio is 69.5%, which is the same as the previous shareholder Xiaohe Health Technology (Beijing) The 30.5% of the shares held by the limited company add up to 100%, while Xiaohe Hong Kong is the main shareholder of Xiaohe Health. Both companies are ByteDance Holdings. At the same time, according to the disclosure document of the Second Anti-Monopoly Enforcement Division of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the acquisition has been unconditionally approved after being announced. The relevant person in charge of Xiaohe Health said: The transaction has been approved by the relevant departments. In the future, Xiaohe Health will continue to explore high-quality medical and health services.


International high-end private women's and children's hospitals in the bag


According to public information, Meizhong Yihe is an international high-end private women's and children's hospital. It was established in 2006 and provides one-stop services such as obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, assisted reproduction, postpartum rehabilitation, postpartum recuperation, and medical beauty. Children's Hospital, 2 comprehensive outpatient centers and 5 confinement centers have covered the three major regions of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.


In terms of capital, since 2011, the United States and China Yihe has successively obtained funds from CICC, Legend Capital, China Renaissance Capital, Everbright Capital, Warburg Pincus, Hillhouse Capital, Everbright Holdings, WuXi AppTec and many other corporate institutions. In September 2020, US-China Yihe signed an agreement with CICC to start listing counseling. In August 2021, US-China Yihe and China International Capital Corporation terminated the mentoring agreement. The following month, Xiaohe Health entered the list of shareholders of the United States and China Yihe.


The further increase in stake this time also means ByteDance's in-depth construction of the offline medical service sector and an overweight layout in the field of fertility.


ByteDance's medical layout


This acquisition is also ByteDance’s re-layout in the medical field following the wholly-owned acquisition of famous doctors from Baike since 2020, the launch of Xiaohe Medical, the establishment of Songuo Clinic, and the entry into AI drug research and development.


In August 2020, ByteDance announced that it had completed the wholly-owned acquisition of the famous Baike doctor for hundreds of millions of yuan. The famous doctor was established in May 2010, focusing on the production and application of authoritative medical science knowledge content. The only designated website for the Science Popularization Project.


In October 2020, ByteDance announced its entry into online medical care and launched Xiaohe Medical.


In November 2020, ByteDance set up an offline clinic in Beijing called "Pine Nut Clinic". Pine Nut Clinic is a high-end modern comprehensive medical institution featuring "university and small comprehensive", integrating online and offline services such as medical treatment, prevention, and health management. Dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine, health management, etc.


After playing a combination of online + offline, in December 2020, ByteDance began to deploy AI drug research and development. ByteDance AI Lab (artificial intelligence laboratory) teams located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Mountain View, California, USA, are recruiting talents in the field of AI Drugs.


In September 2021, ByteDance completed the C-round investment in "Good Mood", an Internet medical platform focusing on the CNS (central nervous system) and mental and mental health fields, with an investment amount of CNY 200 million.


In October 2021, the drug R&D start-up company of "Shuimu Future (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd." underwent an industrial and commercial change, and Beijing Quantum Yuedong Technology Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by ByteDance, was added to the list of shareholders.


In December 2021, ByteDance completed its Series B investment in Shanghai Diying Biotechnology Co., Ltd., an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) company focusing on segments such as high-throughput nucleic acid synthesis.