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A new chapter: QIAGEN's domestically produced automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument QIAcube HT was approved for launch

2022/8/10 13:52:33 Views:179

Recently, the localization project of QIAGEN has received another good news. The automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument QIAcube HT has been received the first-class medical device filing approval, which wrote another new chapter after the approval of the domestically produced automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments QIAcube Connect and EZ2 Connect. This new chapter marks QIAGEN's determination to continue to deepen the clinical application field and confidence in continuing the "In China, For China" strategy.


The approved automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument QIAcube HT adopts the classic QIAGEN silica membrane technology and operates in 96-well plate mode, and can purify 8-96 samples per run. The instrument body is small but can complete the purification of 96 samples in 70-90 minutes. Reagents optimized for QIAube HT ensure the quality of DNA, RNA and miRNA purification for virtually all sample types. The purified nucleic acids are widely used in a variety of sensitive downstream applications such as biomedical research, genotyping and genomics research.


"QIAGEN's domestically produced three automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments EZ2 Connect, QIAcube Connect and the successive approvals of QIAcube HT indicate that QIAGEN's localization process has initially formed a certain scale." Ms. Kong Yi, General Manager of QIAGEN Greater China said: "We will continue to rely on QIAGEN Shenzhen to continuously and efficiently promote the progress of more localization projects in an all-round way, respond quickly to the needs of Chinese customers and inject greater impetus into China's medical and health cause."


Features of QIAcube HT Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor:

·       Optimized procedures and reagents ensure excellent purification performance, even for challenging samples

·       Brand new graphical software interface and innovative security protection to ensure convenience and reliability

·       More comprehensive biosecurity protection

·       Added miRNA and stool sample DNA purification applications


QIAGEN continuously updates the downstream applications of QIAcube HT, and has launched a total of 5 special kits to achieve efficient purification of genomic DNA, RNA (including miRNA), virus and microbial nucleic acid for different sample types. Sample types cover tissues, cells, serum, and plasma, among others.