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The 19th edition of China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) and the 2nd China IVD Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) ¨C the world leading exhibition for in vitro diagnostics ¨C was successfully held from 25 to 28 October in Nanchang, China.

During 4-day IVD industry event, around 30,000 professional visitors gathered at the 120,000 sqm exhibition space, obtaining information on the comprehensive range of innovations and developments for molecular diagnostics, clinical diagnosis, immunodiagnostics, biochemical diagnosis, microbiological diagnostics, raw materials, POCT¡­ The event¡¯s digital platform attracted over 1.34 million visits in 4 days via various online seminars, livestreaming activities and the show apps. Meanwhile, the number of exhibitors reached about 1,400, a record breaking number with about 20% increase compared with 2021 edition, covering the whole in vitro diagnostic industry and its upstream and downstream supply chain from nearly 20 countries and regions around the globe.

Concurrent with CACLP & CISCE 2022, over 20 academic conferences and more than 110 business meetings were held, including the 9th China IVD Industry Development Conference (CIIDC), the 7th China Experimental Medicine Conference (CEMC), the 4th China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum (CIDEF) and the 2nd China Key Raw Material & Parts Forum (CKRMPF) with high acclaim from the industry. Professionals and experts shared their experience and opinions about experimental medicine, biomedical engineering, molecular diagnosis to pathology, mass spectrometry, blood transfusion, clinical & laboratory, and other IVD-related topics onsite.

Mr. Evan Sha, general manager of CACLP, said at the opening ceremony that, despite of all kinds of challenges in 2022, the 19th CACLP successfully opened its door to welcome tens of thousands of in vitro diagnosis professional visitors in Nanchang, proving the true value of the platform and the importance of in person meetings for the entire industry . The success of the show opening is the joint efforts of the CACLP team and its partners to create this super event of experimental medicine and in vitro diagnostics, which integrates academic and business, competition and cooperation, service and culture, and product and brand.