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Notification of the host of the 3rd Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostics

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?To whom it may concern

Leveraging upon CACLP Expo 2016, the 3rd Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Forum isscheduled to be held on March 6th atBaihe room in QujiangInternational Conference & Exhibition Center (F1).

This time our topics are: Chinese IVDs Innovation, Transition andInternet Plus in the New Normal.


In the booming and changing age, Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostics IndustryForum always stays at the forefront of the industry. We are standing on highspot and looking into the future, pursuing more progress. We will invite manygovernment leaders in relevant departments, industry experts, business elites,prominent scholars to share their wisdom about new policies and regulations,quality standards, new technologies, business models, operating management andso on. We will get a deep communication and discussion from multi-aspect,multi-view, multi-level and multi-specialty to create new opportunities and agreater tomorrow together.


The 3rd  Bode ChinaIn-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Forum must be a great a national event of thisindustry. Your presence and guidance is very welcomed!


Below are the related matters about the forum: 


(With Simultaneous Interpretation)

1, Internet Pluss Influence on the development of IVD Industry

Bai Te, COO of Alibaba

2, Report of Functional Check / IVD Reagent Research and ClinicalApplication Situation

Dr. He Jian 

3, Sharing of the Experiences and Culture of a listed IVD Company

Prof. Li Wenmei / Zou Bingde, President

4, The New Immunoassay Method and Application for MycobacteriumTuberculosis Infection

Prof. Zhang Heqiu

5, The Key points of Pre-IPO for IVD Companies

Prof. Su Xunzhi

6, Gene Diagnosiss Past, Present and Future

Chen Jing Academician

7Summary of Chinese IVD Regulation

Yue Wei, Director

8, 2015 China IVD Industry Annual Report

Song Haibo, Secretary General

9, IVD Companies Legal Risk Prevention and Typical Case Analysis

Jiang Jing, Lawyer

10, Research of Translational Medicine Fuses Genetic EngineeringTechnology

Prof. Deng Yulin



Time:2016, March 6, 13:00 C 18:00.

Location: No.15, Huixin Road, Xian,Baihe room at Xian QujiangInternational Conference Center  (F1)

Registration timeMarch 5and the morning of March 6.

Registration locationXianQujiang International Conference & Exhibition Centerthe corridor between Hall B2 and Hall B3

III. Forum chairman  executive chairman.

Forum chairman

Lian Xinting, Vice chairman of China Association ofIn-vitro DiagnosticsPresident of Nanchang BiotechA&G Biotechnical Industry Incorporated CO..

Executive chairman

Miao Yongjun, Vice chairman of China Association ofIn-vitro Diagnosticspresident of AutobioDiagnostics Co., Ltd.;

Sun Yifeng, Vice chairman of China Association ofIn-vitro Diagnostics CEO of Zhuhai Encode MedicalEngineering Co., Ltd.

IV. Forum Entrance PermitCharging Standard.

   1.Members: 1000 CNY/person first one free of charge

     Non-members: 1500 CNY/person

   2.Trademark sponsorship on background boardMembers 5000 CNY,           non-members 7000 CNY.

   3.Background truss2000 CNY.

V. Accommodation Fee.

  Xi'an Qujiang Ramada Plaza Orlando Hotelfive-starstandard


   Standardroom488 CNY/dayfor members     

                  538 CNY/dayfornon-members 


  King size room538 CNY/dayfor members    

                  568 CNY/dayfornon-members

VI. PaymentAccount.

 Company Name: Broad(Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.

 Bank NameShanghai PudongDevelopment Bank Xu hui Branch  

 Address: 589 Jian G