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2016 1st Chinese Congress on Experimental Medicine (CCEM)

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2016 1st Chinese Congress on Experimental Medicine (CCEM) Notification

2016 the FirstChinese Congress on Experimental Medicine (CCEM) is going to be hosted fromOctober 21st to 23rd, at Hangzhou International Expo Center.


The congress haslots of leaders, experts and representatives from related Chinese governmentaldepartments and experimental medicine fields in both China and abroad. Thecongress is going to make some guiding reports around following topics: macrocountry policies, latest industry achievements, future directions anddevelopment potential of the industry. At the same time, we will discuss themost concerned hot pots and problems. For the purpose of encouraging technologyinnovation, improving the research results transformation, the congress willestablish the special stage for research results patent publish, which can beconsidered as the communication platform among the industry, experts andresearch. Simultaneously, for the purpose of encouraging those experts,researchers and entrepreneurs who have contributed to the experimental medicinefield, the congress organizes the Chinese experimental medicine annualdissertation award, and Chinese IVD innovative product (instrument/reagents)award, the award will be commended during the congress.


We sincerelyinvited experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs from science and researchmanagement and experimental medicine fields (including diagnostic, pathology,transfusion, nuclear medicine, central lab, clinical lab, etc. ), to drive thedevelopment of science research, manufacture and application in experimentalmedicine field.


Theme of thecongress: innovation, development, collaboration, transformation



China ExpertsCommittee of Experimental Medicine

China Association of In-vitro Diagnostics

Testing and In Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems ofStandardization Administration of China

China Association of Medical Science and TechnologyPromotion




Support units:

China DevelopmentResearch Center of the State Council

NationalDevelopment and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic ofChina

Ministryof Industry and Information Technology of thePeople’s Republic of China

Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’sRepublic of China

National Health and Family Planning Commission of thePeople’s Republic of China

China Food and Drug Administration

National Nature Science Foundation of China

National Office for Science & Technology Awards ofPeople’s Republic of China






Broad (Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.



Hangzhou JoinstarBio-tech Co., Ltd.


Academic adviser:

Professor WangHongyang, Professor Yuan Junying, Professor Yang Zhenhua, Professor Cong Yulong



Professor Zhangman,Professor Chen Wenxiang, Professor Pan Boshen



Major General LiJianhua, Professor Wang Hualiang, Professor Li Weixing



Chenyu, TaoZhihua, Song Haibo, Zhou Xuyi



1. Timeand location

   Time: October 21st to 23rd,2016

   Location: Hangzhou International Expo Center

   Address: No.353 Benjing Avenue, XiaoshanDistrict, Hangzhou, China


2. Agenda

October 21st

14: 30 p.m.  Opening Ceremony

15: 00 p.m.  Forward-Looking Report


October 22nd 

8: 30 a.m. to21:00 p.m.  Guiding report


October 23rd

Specialrecommendation: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

New technologyforum:  13: 30 p.m. to 17: 30 p.m.


3. Registrationand charging standards

CNY 800/personbefore October 10th

CNY 1000/personon-site registration


4. Paymentaccount

Company Name: Broad (Shanghai) Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.

Bank NameShanghai Pudong Development Bank Xuhui Branch  

Account Number97120154740007598


5. MediaSupport



Journal of China Laboratory Medicine Products

Chinese Journal ofLaboratory Medicine

Journal of MedicalInstrument and Reagent

Journal ofClinical Transfusion and Laboratory Medicine