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Notification of the Host of the 2nd Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostics

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The 2nd BodeChina In-Vitro Diagnostic Industry Forum, which is organized by ChinaAssociation of Clinical Laboratory Practice/China Association of In-vitroDiagnostics and Shanghai Bode Exhibition Business Co., Ltd, will be held onMarch 17th, 2015 at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center’s multi-functionalhall (F5).Our theme is: Communication, Integration and Development.


In this boomingand changing age, Bode China In-Vitro Diagnostic Industry Forum always stays atthe forefront of the industry. We are standing on high spot and looking intothe future, pursuing more progress. We will invite many government leaders inrelevant departments, industry experts, business elites, prominent scholars toshare their wisdom about new policies and regulations, quality standards, newtechnologies, business models, operating management and so on. We will get adeep communication and discussion from multi-aspect, multi-view, multi-leveland multi-specialty to create new opportunities and a greater tomorrowtogether.


Held togetherwith the 12th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo, the 2ndBode China In-Vitro Diagnostic Industry Forum will be a successful andhigh-quality one.


Forum Affairs:

I. Topics:

·Interpret Regulations for theRegistration And Management of IVD Reagent(on trial)

·The influence from Medicallaboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence on hospital,manufacturer and agency.

·Merchant chat:

①How to expand the market ofprivate hospitals

②The development road ofhospital reform


·How to apply for nationalindustrial innovation fund

·New IVD technology

·How to improve marketingabilities in China

·The hits and trends of IVD inimmunity, biochemistry, pipeline, gene and intelligent experiments

·China health care reform


II. Time and location:

Time: 14:00-18:00, March 17, 2015

Location: No.198, Exhibition Road,Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province (Xiamen International Conference& Exhibition Center's multi-functional hall)

Register time: March 16(all day) andMarch 17(morning)

Register place: Xiamen InternationalSeaside Hotel (F2)


III. Forum Charge:

Member unit: RMB 600/person (one forfree)

Non-member unit: RMB 1500/person

Membership fee: RMB 1500/year forproduction unit; RMB 800/year for business unit

Please pay the membership fee andadmission fee together


IV. Hotel expense:

Xiamen International Seaside Hotel (five-starstandard, breakfast included)

Standard room: RMB 588/day


Hualin Hotel (four-starstandard, breakfast included)

Standard room: RMB 388/day

Business double: RMB 388/day

Business suite: RMB 458/day(onebedroom, two beds)

Family suite: RMB 588/day(twobedrooms, three beds)


V. Account number:

Receiver: Shanghai Bode ExhibitionBusiness Co., Ltd

Bank: Shanghai Rural Commercial BankHuajing Branch  

Account number: 32462028010102708


VI. Contact:

TEL:+86 21 54825592  54825490   FAX:+86 21 54825552

Weber Wu +86 18501796244           Fino Mao +86 15037114377

Jay Guo +86 13061986497             Tao Peng +86 13052016010

Zhiyuan Tan +86 18321339185         


Official websites:


VII. Please complete the returnreceipt and fax us as soon as possible.


China Association of ClinicalLaboratory Practice/China Association of In-Vitro Diagnostics

Shanghai Bode Exhibition BusinessCo., Ltd