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The 7th China IVD Industry Development Conference

2020/7/16 8:18:05 Views:3139

Adhering to the orientation of containing the whole industry chain of research, manufacturing, marketing, service, supervision, academic, talents and representing the highest and latest status of China IVD industry, the conference will aim at the commanding height of industrial development to seize the new trend of policies interpretation, commercial mode, enterprise management, capital operation, science & technology, invention & transformation as well as market regulation and strive to structure a communication platform for coordinated development, coopetition and prospective endeavor.
The 7th CIIDC will be held at Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City in August 20th, 2020. In this booming and changing age, the 7th China IVD Industry Development Conference always stays at the forefront of the industry. We are standing on high spot and looking into the future, pursuing more progress. We will invite many government leaders in relevant departments, industry experts, business elites, prominent scholars to share their wisdom about new policies and regulations, quality standards, new technologies, business models, operating management and so on. We will get a deep communication and discussion from multi-aspect, multi-view, multi-level and multi-specialty to create new opportunities and a greater tomorrow together. Held together with the CIIDC, the 17th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo, the 7th China Experimental Medicine Conference / Wiley Conference on In Vitro Diagnostics, Enlightening Lab Med ·The 3rd IVD Youth Entrepreneur Forum and the 2nd China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum will be successful with high-quality.
We warmly invite you come and join us!
Thank you.
Organizer: China Association of In Vitro Diagnostics
Supporter: Professional Community of Experimental Medicine, China Association for Medical Devices Industry IVD Branch
Undertaker: GL events Ruihe (Shanghai) Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Organization Structure:
President of the Conference: Yao Jianer
Executive President of the Conference: Li Fugang, Zheng Zehui, Zou Bingde
Time: August 20th 2020
Location: Primus Hotel Nanchang International Expo City
Contact us:
Weber Wu –Vice General Manager
Mobile:+86 18501796244
Deborah Gao – Marketing Manager
Mobile:+86 13681625201
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