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The 3rd IVD Key Upstream Raw Material Forum was successfully held

2020/8/28 7:16:32 Views:2764

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The 3rd IVD Key Upstream Raw Material Forum was successfully held on August 22nd in Nanchang, Jiangxi.

Currently, domestic in vitro diagnostic upstream raw materials are in a stage of rapid improvement in terms of product quality, company scale and brand development. The 3rd IVD Key Upstream Raw Material Forum invited general managers, executives, and core R&D leaders from well-known companies in key upstream raw materials, as well as university professors and many other experts, scholars and entrepreneurs. The forum focused on the industry status, challenges and opportunities of China’s in vitro diagnostic core raw materials, the development and application of China’s excellent in vitro diagnostic upstream raw materials (enzymes, probe primers, microspheres, antigen antibodies, optoelectronic components, liquid components). Extensive communications and discussions were also held around how downstream enterprises in in vitro diagnostics choose core materials and components, how end users conduct clinical applications and evaluations.

At 13:30, the forum was officially began with the presentation by CEO of Fapon Zhiqiang He and Chairman of this forum, Professor Huisheng Zhang. Chairman of the forum, Professor Xixiong Kang made attractive opening speech at first.


Zhiqiang He and Professor Huisheng Zhang


Professor Xixiong Kang

Professor Haibo Song, Doctor Guangyu Yang, Chuanmin Hu, Jun LI, Hui Ren, Hongbin Duan, Doctor Xiangdong Chai, Professor Yonghua Xiong and Professor Huisheng Zhang made great speeches respectively.


Professor Haibo Song


Doctor Guangyu Yang


Chuanmin Hu


Jun Li


Hui Ren


Hongbin Duan


Doctor Xiangdong Chai


Professor Yonghua Xiong


Professor Huisheng Zhang

The 3rd IVD Key Upstream Raw Materials Forum was successfully concluded with warm applause, and the guests took a group photo. Distinguished guests, as professionals in the business and academia in the key upstream raw material field, gave detailed keynote speeches and shared their valuable experience on a series of related issues such as the current situation and future development of the raw material industry, product breakthroughs and innovations, and how end users make choices and clinical applications. These valuable experiences and opinions will undoubtedly bring new ideas for companies and researchers in future development and research breakthroughs.