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The 8th China IVD Industry Development Conference

2021/3/23 4:27:36 Views:2917

The COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 disrupted the normal pace of the market, and the current international epidemic prevention situation is still severe. In the face of this sudden epidemic, IVD companies responded quickly. People in in vitro diagnostic industry stepped up their scientific and technological research, provided sufficient resources for this epidemic prevention and control battle as soon as the epidemic occurred. 2021 is bound to be an important starting point for the overall economic recovery. For in vitro diagnostic industry, it is not only a big test of production capacity, but also contains new opportunities for industrial reform and development. Under the new opportunities and challenges, in vitro diagnostics will definitely enter a new period of rapid development.


The 8th China IVD Industry Development Conference, which covers the entire industry chain including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, service, supervision, academics, talents, innovation, new technologies, transformation, capital, etc., stands at the highest point and the positioning of the latest development frontier of China's IVD industry. The conference is based on promoting the progress of the industry, regarding promoting the industry development as its own responsibility. The cooperation and exchanges are around the fields of industrial development, trends, medical reform, situation, mode, management, capital, scientific research, innovation, application, transformation, and key raw materials. It aims to build a big platform for academic communication in the field of in vitro diagnostic industry for collaborative development, integration and cooperation. 


The theme: Intelligent Manufacturing & Win-Win Cooperation


In the conference, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs will be invited to communicate and discuss artificial intelligence, industry development, business models, innovative ideas and domestic and foreign frontier trends from multiple perspectives, professions and levels.


Meanwhile, the 6th China Experimental Medicine Conference | Wiley Conference on In Vitro Diagnostics, Enlightening Lab Med—the 4th Youth Entrepreneur Forum, the 3rd China IVD Distribution Enterprise Forum, the 1st China Key Raw Material & Parts Forum, the 18th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) and the 1st China IVD Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) are going to be hosted in the same time.


March 29, 2021 




Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center, China